TORRES CERIMONIA, with its 2009 point of view, considers living and designing with a new perspective
on the groom's approach as one, adding a spirit to its wearer and an emotion to the wearer.

SERDAR ÇAKIRLI, creative director of TORRES CERIMONIA, wants to convey a feeling of
the pieces he creates, considering that his designs have a soul and naivety.



Torres Cerimonia;
With the principle of "grooming only", it has gained a place in the market from all over Europe to America and aims to become a World brand with this principle.



Torres Cerimonia;
To ensure that our brand is of the highest value and quality. In this direction, it is to present the collections we offer in the domestic and international market.

What are the Tuxedo Wearing Rules?

You cannot wear a belt with tuxedo models, you have to wear a belt.

How to tie a tie?

If you follow the steps I have given below, you will be able to tie a tie after two or three tries. Sounds great, doesn't it? Let's start:

What Is The Easiest Bow Tie Tying Technique?

If the bow tie is not suitable for your neck, you can easily expand and narrow it thanks to the apart on the back.